Parents As Partners


The #1 indicator of a child’s success in school is YOU!




  • Do you arrive each school day ON TIME?

The school day begins at 8:20 when the doors OPEN each morning. You are marked late at 8:30. We begin our first morning circle at 8:40. Children who arrive on time get as much as 20 minutes of extra time with both teachers and their classmates. This early morning transition time is critical to the healthy social development of your child. In other words, they have a better day in school! Arriving on time also models that school is important and there is an obligation to be on time.


Pick Up Authorization: Please make sure you update your PICK UP AUTHORIZATION information with both the school and my sign in book if you are adding a new nanny/babysitter or a parent from the class,  a friend or relative.

Handbook Signature Page: Please make sure you really read the Villa Family Handbook and sign the signature page and submit signed  page to school.

Interview Form: Each of you received an INTERVIEW sheet via classroom packet. Since YOU are your child’s FIRST TEACHER, please fill this out with as much detail as possible and submit this sheet to Ms. Boldon. This sheet allows us to get to know your child better earlier in the year and allows us to begin to plan some individual learning strategies specific to your child’s needs. 

Parent Teacher Conference Form: Closer to the P-T conference time , Ms. Boldon will ask you to fill out a form that brings your child into our conference together. This is an important form to fill out WITH your child by your side. It gives me insight into your child and gives us both things we can discuss at your child’s conference.

SNACK: Villa Academy will provide snack each week.  We eat “family style” and the snack menus are posted on the bulletin board outside of the classroom.  Snack will rotate between week A and week B.  

Play Date Bulletin Board:  If your child has special plans for the afternoon please write them down on a note and pin it to the mini bulletin board inside our classroom. There is a mug full of paper and pens directly on the shelf to the left as you walk into the classroom . THANK YOU so much for helping me with this item  ALSO NOTE:  Please refrain from talking about play dates or birthday parties with in ear shot of other children in the classroom. I would appreciate you sharing this item with your children as well. Play date and birthday discussions hurt feelings so quickly at the tender age of 4, 5 and 6.

Brown Manilla Envelopes:  These envelopes will come home a handful of times throughput the school year. They will be received by an older sibling in the building if there is one— or your Preschool Student. Please return the envelopes back to school so we can RE USE THEM again and again. I can turn them into the main office for you!

Picture Day Envelopes:  Please return your picture envelopes ASAP. Review the Villa Academy Calendar for the date that we will take pictures. One day will be dedicated to BOTH Individual Pictures and to a Class Picture.  Note also the RETAKE day if you are unsatisfied with your child’s picture or your child was absent for picture day—- there will be a second chance to retake their picture. You must return the old picture packet on that day as well!

EXTRA CLOTHES: Please make sure your student has a COMPLETE set of extra clothes in our EXTRA CLOTHES BINS. Please check it often throughout the school year. Children GROW and many times the clothes you sent in at the beginning of the year do not fit anymore towards the end of the year.

COMMUNICATION –Please send me an email to set up a meeting time to talk.  There is a lot happening in the morning and it’s hard for me to talk to each of you about specific details.  I like to focus on helping the P5′ers get the very best start they can on their day or help them wrap up their day in the best light possible.

I would prefer a phone call, an email or a conference. I  am available both before and after school each day.


 Do you read the NEWSLETTER each week?

A great deal of time and thought goes into writing the newsletter each week. If you take the time to read the newsletter you will really be able to connect with your child as to the goings on of our classroom experience. The Newsletter is also full of reminders for upcoming events and projects. I am careful not to repeat too much all school news—so as to keep the P5 NEWS brief. So please make sure you always read ALL SCHOOL NEWS UPDATES!

Show and Share:  Show and Share is simply so important to your child. Work on this over the weekend before the next share week begins. Have your child place their share item in their Show and Share bag so it is ready for school the following week. Practice talking about the three things they are going to tell the class at home and write their clues onto a piece of paper and tuck it inside their Show and Share bag. Show and Share is such a rich growth experience for the children. By the end of the year this simple activity teaches the children so many wonderful lessons. It is a true metamorphosis!

What should I expect my child

to be doing at this stage of the year?


Problem Solving:   With your help and partnership, children will learn to problem solve for themselves this year. I will hold children accountable for their actions. I expect them to have good manners  and I will encourage them to PRACTICE to be KIND, to be SAFE, and to contribute to our P5 Family by helping with CLEAN UP.

I encourage you to be patient as they learn to problem solve by themselves. That means we are not going to clear all of the bumps in the road for the children. We are going to team up to teach them how to handle bumps in the road when they get to them.  Every day is a NEW DAY and a NEW chance to PRACTICE and TRY again to be be their very best self.

  • Second Step: Make sure to join . Log in with the activation key that I sent home on Curriculum Night. This program will allow you to follow up with the HOME LINKS for each unit we cover in class.

Does every child in the class know their letters?

No, and there is no expectation for children to know every letter of the alphabet. With that said however, children should know how to write the first letter in their name and continue to practice writing all of the letters in their own name—-as well as really know the letters in their own name. Children should stay current with the letters as we learn them each week. Find letters as you are out and about with your child.

Should my child know all of their numbers up to 20?

No. But one of our goals will be to have the children be familiar with all of the numbers up to 31. Use a giant desk calendar at home. Talk about the days of the week. Talk about the months of the year. Talk about YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW. And of course talk about the numbers on the calendar. Count, Count and Count any time you get a chance. Make children aware of numbers the same way you do with letters. Have your child help you sort and put things into graduated sizes. Using math every day allows your child to really understand how useful math is in the context of the real world.

Do you think my child is bored if they already know all of their letters and numbers up to 31?

No, first of all repetition to a child is a rich and wonderful thing. It builds confidence, and self esteem. Children that already know their entire uppercase alphabet are working on the lower case alphabet. For some children that are ready we are working on chunking words and building a reading vocabulary that they can play with and enjoy. For others we are using sentence strips to write words that they are interested in learning to use in the writing center. I work hard to differentiate the instruction in the classroom based on your child’s individual needs.

How do I help my child with handwriting?

PRACTICE WRITING! Have them sign their names to holiday cards and thank you notes. Have the children help you with grocery or errand lists. Have them write their own letters to family and friends. Review the HWOT chart and sheet on grip. Develop fine motor muscles by old fashion coloring—–still the very best way! You can also use clay, play dough, staplers, hole punches, and even the monkey bars to help them build their hand muscles to become stronger writers.

What are the most important things I should be doing NOW to help my child?

PLAY with them! LISTEN to them! SPEND TIME with them! Provide opportunities for them to PLAY with friends the same age. If you have an only child this is simply critical. If you have a child that comes from an all girl family, play with boys—if your child comes from an all boy family,play with girls. Role- model problem solving strategies with your child. Don’t reward negative behavior! Practice manners! I expect the children to be NICE, be SAFE and be NEAT! (Neat = We are part of a P5 family—everyone needs to help pick up and keep our room tidy)

Call or email me at any time if you have further questions.


Tasha Boldon