Philosophy of Learning

Our P-5 schedule allows the children  time to explore materials again and again. It is through this repetition, children find success, and in turn develop the confidence to take risks and try new activities with more complexity and demands.

In Science—we will be focusing on STREAM a fairly new concept…..

“STREAM”  is an interdisciplinary style of teaching of science, technology, religion, engineering, art and math. Lilian Katz is an Early Childhood Education Specialist that insists teachers must find middle ground between “Academic” learning and “Intellectual” Learning to truly create “Authentic” learning. Authentic learning is the basis of the STREAM approach. My proposal is to teach young children STREAM through a play based approach to project and place based learning using OUTDOOR EDUCATION as a focal point……..

SCIENCE:  Children will learn foundational science terms and learn to be keen  observers as they conduct their own experiments.  Over the last several years the Preschool Team has created an outdoor classroom in our Preschool Playground. We cover an extensive creation unit in our preschool garden. We literally learn to appreciate Gods miracles by exploring the many seeds and bulbs that we plant in our garden. In addition, we learn about the cycle of life as we raise both ladybugs and butterflies each year.

TECHNOLOGY: Our school has adopted the Handwriting Without Tears program.  Children focus on directionality and grip as they practice with  sets of multiple tools.  HWOT is simply an excellent program and helps all children develop a foundation for writing that they can build on for years to come. In addition, our  Scholastic LET’S FIND OUT series allows children to practice fundamental Smartboard skills.

RELIGION:  Through the stories in our I AM SPECIAL series we follow the lives of our friend Peter and his family. We delve into some very introspective thinking and many times have very meaningful class discussions where everyone is encouraged to have their own opinion. We also thank God with prayers of thanks every day. We talk about God and Gods gift of Jesus throughout the year. The children will also enjoy CHILDREN’S CHAPEL lessons through out the year that follow the liturgical calendar as closely as possible.

ENGINEERING: Oh the building never ends in P5 class. Right out of the gate we learn about architects and specifically study the work of  Spain’s  Gaudi, France’s Eiffel and America’s Wright.

ART:  is more about process than product. Children are constantly learning by doing or exploring. The creativity of each child is always encouraged.

MATH:  we count, we measure, we compare, we estimate, and we discover patterns. This year we are experimenting with a new math series designed for Pre-K. The Villa  Kindergarten  and First grade classes are also experimenting with the same program. It is called MY MATH.

In addition……

We have an amazing developmentally appropriate empathy training kit that we follow called Second Step. You will perhaps hear about Impulsive Puppy, Slow Down Snail, and Be Calm Bunny as well as our NEW Second Step friends—Daniel and Rose.

In Music , Gym and Drama we move, we create, we pretend.

In Social Studies we delve into the concepts of community, family life, and a study of people around the world including cultural celebrations.

I READ stories TO and WITH the children each and every day. Through these experiences the children learn many of the conventions of the written language for example, left to right, top and bottom, directionality, using picture clues, logical predictions and the sounds of language.

I provide a myriad of FUN alphabet activities and we ACT OUT STORIES all year long.

I also use lots and lots of Mother Goose rhymes, folk songs, jingles, and non-sense verse to encourage children to play with language. This establishes the foundation for early literacy skills and allows the children to experiment with phonemic awareness.

Throughout the year I cover all of Dr Gardner’s multiple intelligences. So whether your child learns through music, math, his body, his heart, language, art, inter-personally or through nature — Count on me to use a system of differentiated instruction based on your individual child’s needs and goals and teach to the WHOLE CHILD in a developmentally appropriate way all year long with respect, love and kindness.

Last of all — my overall focus is to nurture your child’s self esteem by helping him or her be the best SELF they can be!

Tasha Boldon