Snack Menu

Snack Menu

Each day P5B will eat “family style” snack in our classroom.  Villa Academy will provide snack to our classroom each day.  We will alternate between Week A & Week B snack schedule.  All of the food is peanut & tree nut free!



Monday:  Banana & Cheerios

Tuesday: Berries & Yami Vanilla Yogurt

Wednesday: Blueberries & String Cheese

Thursday: Red Peppers, Raisins and Crackers

Friday: Carrots, Hummus & Pita



Monday:  Applesauce or apple & rice cake

Tuesday: Tortilla Chips, Salsa and Sugar Snap Peas

Wednesday: Bagel, Cream Cheese & Cucumber

Thursday: Pirate Booty & Mandarin Oranges

Friday: Mango, Cheddar Cheese & Pretzels