P5 Birthday Celebrations

The Villa Academy Preschool no longer allows “FOOD TREATS” to come in to the

classroom for each individual child’s birthday. Instead, we invite you to celebrate

by helping with 2 fun things at 8:35am on your child’s designated celebration day.



A family member is invited to be the “GUEST READER” on the day of your child’s

designated birthday celebration. We’d like to encourage each family to bring in

their child’s FAVORITE book to read and possibly donate that book to the

preschool. Please sign and date your book inside the cover as a lasting memory of

your child’s birthday in P5!


2. CREATE A “BIRTHDAY POSTER” with your child …

In addition to reading your child’s favorite book, we would like to ask that you help

your child create a poster board with your child’s name and a picture for every

year your child is old. For example, if your child is turning 5, they would glue or

tape 5 pictures on their poster board—1 picture as an infant, 1 as a one year old, 1

as a two year old, 1 as a three year old, and one as a four year old—leaving a space

for a picture of them as a five year old. Leave lots of space— during the P5

school year children will add pictures of themself as a five or six year old.

Children should come prepared to tell us a little something about their pictures!

Our collective feeling is that this will be a really rich and wonderful way to truly

celebrate each child’s birthday. Our birthday celebrations will begin AFTER

SLOW START week. Summer birthday children will be given a time to celebrate

around their half birthday. Please review your child’s designated day!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for

your partnership in this most wonderful celebration tradition!

—P5 & Preschool Team