First week of P5B!

Dear P5B Families,

It has been so fun getting to know a classroom full of new smiling P5 students!  We had a super short week learning about rules and classroom routines.  We had a chance to explore the school playground, learn about the Pre-K bathrooms, and tour our classroom!  We’ve started to absorb some of the rules and routines that will remind us to “BE SAFE,” “BE KIND,” and “BE NEAT” in P5.

We spent time getting to know each other’s names and learning to treat others with good manners and kindness–using THE GOLDEN RULE.   This week we decorated our very own birthday crowns, drew our first self-portraits, and learned how to use our choice board and attendance chart.  We also enjoyed our first “family style” snack together as a P5B class.  We will eat “family style” snack everyday.  This is a great way to practice manners, asking classmates to pass items and being independent by serving ourselves and cleaning up after ourselves.  The snack menus are posted on the board outside of the classroom.

We also learned how to hang our Villa bags in our cubbies so that each handle is hanging on a hook on both sides of the cubby.  This will help the students navigate putting their items away each day.  They also learned that the Villa bag belongs to them, so we ask that each child carries their own Villa bag to school and when they leave at the end of the day.  Please support your child’s independence by allowing them to be in charge of their own Villa bags and the contents inside.  Thank you for supporting your child and helping them become more independent.

It has been so wonderful to see new friendships being made between old and new friends!  We talked a lot about including everyone in our play because we are ALL friends.  Ms. Brown and I saw students putting the “inclusion” rule in action this week.  This is a wonderful class and I know it’s going to be a great year!!

Every year we decide on a class name.  This process involved the input of all the students.  They each got a chance to come up with their ideas and then we voted to widdle the LONG list down to our top choice!  We had some great suggestions and some silly ones.  Here are a few top suggestions that didn’t win:  “P5B cones” “P5B jaguars” P5B turtles” “P5B friends”.  This year your P5 students voted on the name: “P5B KITTIES”!!!!!!



  1. Next week we will start our regular P5 schedule-8:30-1:30. My door opens each day at 8:20.  We submit attendance at 8:30, so please arrive by then to avoid being marked tardy. Please try to get to school as close to 8:20 as possible otherwise your child misses valuable instruction and activity time.  Students this age often need time in the morning to adjust and socialize, which is what our morning table work provides for them.  Please have your child go to the bathroom and wash their hands every morning before they come into the classroom.
  2. We will be eating lunch daily at 11:40.  Please pack a lunch for your child that is tree nut & peanut free!  We will be putting all of the lunch boxes in the refrigerator during the day, and will not be able to reheat food.  You are welcome to pack hot food in a thermos that can stay on top of the cubbies, if you do not want it to be refrigerated.  Please put a note in your child’s lunch box specifying, “SUN BUTTER”, if that is what you pack for your child’s lunch.  This way all the lunch teachers will know it is not peanut butter.  Please do not pack any candy in your child’s lunch box because it is often made in a facility that manufactures NUTS.  (Please have your child place their lunch on the lunch cart right outside the P5B door each morning)
  3. Our gym day is on Tuesday each week.  Please have your child wear appropriate running shoes on this day. We will be riding bikes on Wednesday and Friday, so tennis shoes will be needed those days as well.  It is best to dress your child in shoes and clothes that they can run and play in each day, while being comfortable and safe.
  4. EDP (After care) starts on Monday.  If you would like your child to attend any day(s), please register them online.  Many P4 & P5 students attend, and it’s another way for your children to socialize with their peers from both P5 classes and the P4 class, in a relaxed and fun setting!
  5. Show and Share bag:  There is a basket on the metal cart outside our door for your child to place their brown paper bag for show and share.  Please have your child place their share each week in that basket.
  6. Take home folder: may not come home each day but when it does, please empty out the contents (leave the  name card in it) and return it to school with your child the next day!  There is a basket on the cart for the folders to be placed in.  The folders typically are sent home twice a week.
  7. Morning jobs:  Please encourage your child to carry and hang up their own Villa bags and putting their lunch and take home folder not the cart by themselves.  It is easy in the morning to want to do their jobs for them, but it’s important that the P5B students have ownership of their own items and become independent.  Their confidence will grown when they take ownership of their own items and master their morning jobs independently!  Thank you in advance!
  8. Toys from home:  We ask that you do not bring any toys from home.  We had a class meeting on Friday about why we do not bring toys from home and what could happen to them if we do.  We all agreed that we would be upset or sad if our toys got lost, broken or dirty.


Upcoming Dates to be added to your calendar!!

  1. Our brown paper bag share will begin on Monday.  The information on this project can be found in the brown bag that was sent home on Tuesday.  Once your child has shared their items, the bag will be sent home with them.

  2. Thursday, September 21st is Curriculum Night from 7:00-9:00pm. More details will be coming out about this evening. This is a true DO-NOT-MISS-EVENT!  So much information is shared this evening. It would be difficult to recreate this evening in a one on one conference afterwards.  Now is a good time to arrange childcare for your children!
  3. The week of September 24th —-our alphabet “SHOW AND SHARE” Project will begin with the letter “A”. Please review the schedule and instructions, and let me know if you have any questions. Your child’s SHOW AND SHARE DAY can be found on the schedule also sent home with your child and on the bulletin board near the sign in book outside of P5B.  Items and their 3 clues should be placed inside the canvas SHOW AND SHARE BAG and put in the SHOW AND SHARE Basket on the classroom lunch cart on your child’s assigned Day each week!  The lunch cart is the metal cart outside of the P5B door.
  4. September 27th:  Making Music field trip.  The Pacific Science Center will be here to teach us about making music.
  5. Thursday, September 28th is PRESCHOOL PICTURE DAY! Both individual pictures and class pictures will be taken with your child this day! Please send a pair of tennis shoes in their Villa Bag that day, for recess, if they wear dress shoes for pictures.  Order forms will be sent home on Monday, please return those forms ASAP if you wish to order pictures of your child.



  1. Parents as Partners Questionnaire–thank you so very much for taking the time to fill this out.  The information you provide is a wonderful tool in getting to know your child.  Please return this by Tuesday, September 12th.
  2. “Getting to Know You” share— help your child place three items into the brown paper bag provided, that tells us a little something more about your child. You can include photographs, artwork, favorite toys, or anything else that you can think of… But, the items must fit into the bag.  Your bags will be kept in the classroom and will be sent home after your child has shared the contents of their bag with their classmates! Thank you very much for your help with this very heartfelt project.
  3. Please find a family picture (if you haven’t done so already) and send it to school by Tuesday, September 12th.
  4. Please send in your child’s rain boots, raincoat, extra clothes, water bottle and gardening gloves by Tuesday, September 12th.  These items will live in your child’s cubby the whole year.


I know this is a lot of information, so please ask if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend and Go Packers!! :)


Ms. Boldon

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