V is for VOLCANOS!

Hello Tiger families!
We had a fantastic week back after Spring Break.  The tigers shared many stories of their VACATION/staycation!
We had a VET clinic set up in dramatic play and kinetic sand with VEHICLES in the sensory table.  Our building center had dinosaurs and VOLCANOS for the tigers to create with!
Since it was Earth Day over spring break, we spent a lot of time outdoors this week celebrating Earth week.  Ask your tiger about their time in the forts this week!  That is one of our favorite recess spots!
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week
Science:  In science this week we learned about dinosaurs and VOLCANOS.  VOLCANOS are formed when the Earth’s plates move either the land or magma is pushed up through cracks.
We also had some VISITORS this week.  Our caterpillars and lady bug larva arrived and we will watch them grown and change into butterflies and ladybugs.  Once both the lady bugs and butterflies are ready, we will release them outside!  The tigers learned about the life cycles of both the butterfly and lady bugs this week.
Technology:  In technology this week we learned more about butterflies and caterpillars.  We also played a game where each tiger had to listen to the word the caterpillar was saying and then click on that word to uncover an image of a butterfly.  This was good sight work practice!  The tigers learned the word: metamorphosis.
Religion:  In religion this week we learned about Earth Day and the wondrous Earth that God created for us.  We learned ways to take care of our Earth and talked about things that we can do to protect the Earth, animals and people.
Engineering:  We built our own VOLCANOS using a water bottle and salt dough.  The tigers got to design their own VOLCANO and then be the engineer to create their one of a kind VOLCANO.  Some were rocky, bumpy, smooth, tall, short, wide, and narrow.  The salt dough dried all week and then we erupted them on Friday!  It was a true blast!!  They were still wet at the end of the day, so they will go home next week.
Art:  In art this week we created an Earth using shaving cream and blue and green paint.  The tigers sprayed the shaving cream, smoothed it out, and then used a popsicle stick to swirl the blue and green paint.  Once they were satisfied with it, they put their Earth on top of it.  Their project turned out amazing, and they will be hanging in the hallway for you to enjoy next week!
Math:  In math this week completed a dinosaur math packet.  This packet consisted of dinosaur addition problems, dot to dot (number recognition) and color by numbers.  The tigers are much quicker at their number recognition!  Keep up the good work!
During transition times, we do addition and subtraction problems and often that this their “ticket” in or out of a room.  They are each given a different math problem, and once they answer it, they can move on! :) They are getting quicker and more comfortable with their math problems!
Important Dates / Things to note….
Construction starts on Monday:  As you know, the field construction will begin on Monday.  Please give yourself extra time in the mornings to deal with the new flow of drop off traffic.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!   Please contact me with any questions that you might have before Monday morning! 
Show and Share:   Letter W!  Please help your child find a letter W show and share and put their 3 clues inside the show and share bag!
Tiger’s Sign in Sheet:  So far this year, the tigers have signed in by first name, last name, whole name, 1-10, 11-20.  
Starting Monday they will begin signing in by writing words.  This week they will write _AT words.  This will be great letter practice but also word recognition and sounding out for words that end in AT.  From now until the end of the year we will be doing more sounding out and blending to strengthen our reading skills for Kindergarten.  
May 3: Preschool Garden Party!  1:30-3:00  
All are welcome to join us for music, face painting, bubbles, bike riding, garden art, weeding/planting and snacks!  Please stop by or join us for the whole time!  Dress for mess!
May 5:  Wood Working project!  (Optional:  Please bring in wood scraps, hammers or nails on or before this day. ) 
May 9:  Stewardship Day with our Buddies!  Please dress your tiger for mess and working outside.  We will be working with our 4th grade buddies on a project outside.  Then we will be walking to the water with the Cardinals for snack and exploring!  Please dress your child in layers appropriate for being in the dirt, forest and water.  
May 12:  Grandparents Day!  Please RSVP and see link for details:  http://thevilla.org/gpgfd/    Preschool does not attend church, but if your child would like to attend church with their grandparent, they are welcome to that morning.  Questions?  Please ask!
May 16:  Edmonds Beach Ranger in house field trip.
May 18:  Last hot lunch of P5!
May 29:  No school
May 31:  Petting Zoo in house field trip
Mark your calendars for these do NOT miss events!  
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races!  Stay tuned for more details…but you do not want to miss this! All are encouraged and welcome to attend!
June 7:  End of year celebration.  12:00-1:30  This will be an event that the tigers will share their portfolio of work with you along with other fun surprises!  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More specific details about the event will be coming soon….stay tuned! 
June 9:  Last day of P5.  School ends at 11:30am.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Boldon

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