UNIQUE letter U week!

Hello tiger families!
We had a UNIQUE letter U week!  Our dramatic play had Villa UNIFORMS to dress up in, the sensory table was full of water and UNDERWATER animals and the building center had UNIFEX cubes to create with.
We had two guest teachers come in this week to teach us about Spring.  The tigers got to make their own bird nests and investigate real birds nests.  They also got to make their own “Villa curious garden” art piece that is hanging up in the hallway.
When we were out exploring on Friday morning we found a huge Eagle’s nest and we saw 2 bald Eagles flying around.  They live in the trees at Villa and we often see them flying above us at recess.  It was a nice surprise today while we were down at the water to watch them soaring above us!
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week…
Science:  In science this week we learned about UV light.  The tigers learned that UV light isn’t something we can see.  We made our own bracelets with UV beads on them that did in fact change color once they were exposed to UV light at recess.  The tigers came up with different ways to protect their skin against UV light:  wear a hat, put on sunscreen and sit in the shade.
We also walked to the water on Friday morning and spent 1.5 hours exploring and collecting items to bring back to our classroom.  We then dissected what we brought back to look at it UNDER a microscope.  It was fascinating to compare what we see with our eyes and then to see it up close UNDER the microscope.  The lake water was full of interesting things!  There was a small slug stuck on a leaf that was brought in and we got a chance to closely look at that as well :)  The tigers discovered that a flower petal looks sparkly like a bunch of diamonds or crystals when it is seen under a microscope lens.
Along with the items that the tigers collected they also brought back gallons of water inside of their boots and clothes!  :)  As the tigers took off their boots, the water poured out of them.  It was obviously a fun adventure!
Technology:  In technology this week we learned about different types of clouds.  We then went outside and identified the clouds by name.
On Friday afternoon we watched a short video about UNDERWATER animals and coral reef.  Ask your tiger to tell you some new and interesting facts that they learned from this video.
Religion:  In religion we read the rest of Benjamin’s Box and learned the story of Easter and Jesus.  This is the story of Jesus during Easter told through a child’s eyes.  Each chapter we got to open up an easter egg that contains an item to go along with the story.  The tigers LOVED this story and are excited to share what they have learned with their families.  See if your tiger can retell this story to you, you will be so amazed at what they are able to retell you.
We took a trip up to the chapel to look at the stations of the cross and the tigers had many great questions that fostered really meaningful and thoughtful conversation around Jesus and Easter.  We will be learning more about Easter next week during Holy week.
Engineering:  In engineering this week we had our sensory table full of water with many different tubes, hoses, cups and syringes.  The tigers used as many items as they could to create a large structure that you could squirt water into and it would flow through all of the items to then fill up a bowl that was at the end of their creation.  It was truly engineering at it’s finest!
Art:  In art this week we drew our April self portraits.  We also started a sea turtle art project that ties into what we are learning about Guatemala and Abner.  These turtles are works of art and once they are finished, we will send them home!  Stay tuned…
Math:  In math this week we used UNIFEX cubes to learn about counting UP.  Counting UP is a strategy for adding two numbers together.  You hold the first number in your head and then count UP the second number.  For example for 7 + 3 your tiger would say 7 (hold that in their head) and then count UP 3 more saying…8, 9, 10.
We spent lots of time this week working on our addition and subtraction.  Many of the tigers use their fingers when figuring out the answer for an addition or subtraction (take away) problem…and that is great!  The more they practice, the more comfortable they will get!
We also started signing in by writing number 11-20 now because they have mastered 1-10!!  Bravo tigers!!
Important Dates / things to note…
Show and Share:   Signs of Spring!!
April 13:  Last day to bring in coins/paper money for Abner!  
April 14:  11:30 dismissal (Good Friday).  No preschool EDP.
April 14:  Scholastic Book Orders due!  Our classroom code is NQLT2  Thank you in advance for supporting our classroom and  your child’s love of reading!
April 24:  First day back from Spring break!
Extra clothes:  If your child brought home wet and muddy clothes from our walk to the water on Friday, please be sure to send them new extra clothes on Monday!  We go outside rain or shine each day, and it’s nice for them to have dry clothes to change into if they get wet!
Future dates….Mark your calendars:
May 12:  Grandparents Day!  More details coming soon, but this is a special day for any and all grandparents / grandfriends to join your child at school.
May 16:  Edmonds Beach Ranger field trip
May 18:  Last hot lunch of P5!
May 31:  Petting Zoo field trip
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races!  Stay tuned for more details…but you do not want to miss this!
June 7:  End of year celebration.  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More information will be coming soon, but you won’t want to miss this last P5 event!
June 9:  Last day of P5.  School ends at 11:30am.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Ms. Boldon

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