eXtremely busy letter X week

Hello Tiger families!
We had an eXtremely busy letter X week.  Our sensory table and dramatic play were full of pirates and treasure for “X marks the spot!”.  We also had a full size skeleton in the classroom for the tigers to view and learn about (x-rays).  
Many of our ladybugs are now full grown and we will be releasing them next week. We are still waiting for our butterflies!!  Hopefully next week, they will no longer be chrysalises and turn into butterflies!  The tigers observe them every day and can NOT wait for them to turn into butterflies!  
Since this week was so busy, I am going to write about what we did each day, instead of breaking it down into STREAM.
We started the day with some X table activities: heX blocks and X-ray animal cards which the tigers were able to look at an X-ray of an animal and guess what kind of animal it was.  
We learned about excavating and the types of jobs that people do when they excavate for things.  We went outside to the picnic tables and excavated for our own rocks, gems or stones!  Each tiger got their own excavating tools, small brush and digging pick to excavate two rocks that were buried in plaster.  The tigers were thrilled to find a rock that and then diligently pick and brush around it until it was fully dug out.  
This day was BUSY!  We met our 4th grade buddies outside and did some work in the big kid garden.  Our group was in charge of finding large sticks, branches or logs to make boarders for the garden beds.  Then we walked them all the way across campus and placed them around the garden beds and plants that were already there.  Then we took buckets and hauled wood chips to place around the garden beds to help keep the weeds away!  The tigers love their buddies and it has been so amazing to watch them grow more comfortable with each other and they truly look forward to and love being together!  
Then we walked to the water with the cardinals.  We stopped at an outdoor classroom and ate snack together before we ventured down to the water.  The tigers and cardinals threw rocks, splashed in the water, jumped on logs, collected items, and genuinely had a great time together!  We had gorgeous weather for both activities!
We ended our day watching a short movie, “The Lorax”, based off of the book.  This wrapped up our day being in nature and learning about how to take care of the world around us.  We were all so tired from being out in the sun all day, that this was a nice ending to our day together with the Cardinals.
We started our day with choice and had an early recess and snack!  Then we went and watched the Villa production of “Alice in Wonderland”.  The tigers were engrossed in the play and asked many questions about what was happening.  Many of them are excited to be in the theatre when they go to Kindergarten!  Since the play went over our library time, the librarian brought us new books for the week.  
We started our day practicing our letter X writing and working on puzzles together.  We then went outside to the forts and explored the paths, tunnels and forts.  The tigers even made their own sea-saw out of a log and board!  This is a very creative group and they learn so much trough their play!  Watching them negotiate, compromise, create, socialize and support each other has been amazing to watch as it has become more elaborate and sophisticated over the year!   
Then we learned how to draw a fox by following step by step instruction.  This was a great way for the tigers to follow directions but also to learn new technique when drawing.  It was a great fine motor and hand eye coordination project.  They will be hanging in the hallway soon for you to enjoy!
We started our day making our very own X marks the spot treasure maps!  Then we enjoyed pirate booty and watermelon for snack!
Then it was time for Grandparents Day!  I loved watching the tigers spend quality one on one time with their grandparent(s) or grandfriend.  I was so proud of how well the tigers took care of their guests!  The tigers were bursting with excitement all day, waiting for the time that their guests were going to arrive!  It was a very special time and the tigers loved every minute of it!
Important dates / things to note:
Mother’s Day gifts:  They were sent home this week!  The tigers worked hard on them and they were made with lots of love!  I hope you enjoy them!
Show and Share:  Letter Y
Mugby & Mat Man:  We are on our last rounds of Mugby and Mat Man.  Please send them back on Monday, if you have them!  The tigers are anxiously waiting for one more turn before P5 is over!!
May 16:  Edmonds Beach Ranger in house field trip.
May 18:  Last hot lunch of P5!  Please look for the menu & sign up email from Ms. Elsner soon!
May 19:  Last book order of P5 due!  $5 coupon included with this book order!  Thank you to everyone who has support their child’s love of reading and our classroom!  
May 22-26:  End of year assessments!  The tigers will be completing end of year assessments with me, one on one.  Please let me know if your child will be gone that week, so I can plan accordingly.  These assessments will be part of their end of year report card!  
May 29:  No school
May 31:  Petting Zoo in house field trip
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races will begin at 9:00am! Set up will begin right at drop off!!  All are encouraged and welcome to attend!  Please see email from Alana Healy regarding details of event!
June 7:  End of year celebration.  12:00-1:30  This will be an event that the tigers will share their portfolio of work with you along with other fun surprises!  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More specific details about the event will be coming soon….stay tuned! 
June 9:  Last day of P5.  P5 ends at 11:30am.  
To all of the amazing MOMS of the WORLD and all of the MOMS who make the WORLD amazing–Have a WONDERFUL “MOTHER’S DAY” WEEKEND! 
Ms. Boldon


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