Hello tiger families!
WE had a WONDERFUL letter W WEEK!  Our building center and block center were full of WOODEN building toys and vehicles for the tigers to create with.  Dramatic play had a construction site to practice their building skills for our WOOD WORKING project and our sensory table was full of WATER!
WE ate lunch outside in the WARM sunny WEATHER and WE enjoyed WATERMELON for snack!  
Shout outs!!
Bravo to the tigers and their families for doing carpool drop off this WEEK!  Each morning I stand at my door and watch the tigers skipping, laughing, talking and excited to be a “big kid” as they walk down the breezeway!!  They get all of their morning jobs done and then sit and read or work with math tools (abacus, addition & subtraction pop up boards)  before the bell rings and day begins!  They are excited to be independent and this is a great way to prepare them for carpool drop off in Kindergarten next year!  
Thank you to all of the families who donated wood, nails and hammers for our WONDERFUL WOOD WORKING project!  The tigers enjoyed it so much and they really took their job of building seriously.  It was so loud in our room with 14 hammers pounding nails, but everyone was engrossed in their own project!  A special thank you to all of the adults who braved the room of 14 five year olds swinging hammers! 
Thank you to all of the families who donated items and attended our Preschool Garden Party!  The preschool garden/playground looks amazing thanks to all of your weeding, planting, watering, trimming and tidying up!  We had amazing weather for this day and we are all so thankful for our preschool community!  The kiddos enjoyed bubbles, rock painting, face painting, weeding, planting and popsicles! :)  It truly takes a VILLA-ge!
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week….
Science:  In science this WEEK WE learned about WEATHER and then graphed the days of May (so far) on our WEATHER chart.  WE got to experience many different types of WEATHER this week.  Hot sunny weather, thunder and lightening, rain, fog and cloudy!  
We also WATCH our caterpillars become chrysalises this week!  It happened rather quickly but the tigers have been tracking the changes all day every day.  On Monday, we will move the chrysalises to the butterfly net and patiently wait for them to become butterflies!  The ladybug larva are now in their pupa state and we are patiently waiting for them to become ladybugs as well!  
Technology:  WE learned about WORMS and played a WORD game to help us with our C-V-C (consonant, vowel, consonant) spelling and reading.  We also learned about WISHING WANDS also known as dandelions.  This lesson taught us about different kinds of seeds and how insects and nature continue to grow and spread!  
Religion:  In religion this week we made up our own snack prayer!  We rap it! :)  Ask your tiger to rap their snack prayer for you…their rapping skills are pretty good! :)
Engineering:  WE WORKED on our WOOD WORKING project!  The tigers have been thinking of their plan and how to implement it all WEEK!  On Friday afternoon, we finally got to construct our plan!  Some tigers made dog houses, cat houses, bird houses, airplanes, tie fighters and so much more!  WE WORKED right up until the dismissal bell and the tigers did not want to stop!  Some even requested to take WOOD and nails home to continue working on it at home!  They were proud of their work!  It took a lot of focus, determination and strength to control the hammer and hit the nails!  We couldn’t have done this without help of all of you for your donations and your time!  Thank you!!
Art:  In art this week we learned about WHALES and then we drew our own WHALE.  WHALES are mammals and the tigers learned that we know what a mammal is because they have babies that look like a mini version of themselves, they drink milk and they breath air.  A WHALE is the biggest sea mammal!
Math:  In math this week we WEIGHED ourselves and compared our WEIGHTS. The tigers figured out WHO WEIGHED more or less.  WHO WEIGHED the same, WHO WEIGHS the most and WHO WEIGHS the least.  They WERE excited to get on the scale and then they would grab items or bins from around the room to see how much more they WEIGHED if they held onto something.  This was a great way to recognize and name two digit numbers, compare numbers, identify which number is larger or small and figure out how many more pounds did a person have to be in order to be heavier or the same as another person.  
Then WE used balance scales to WEIGHT and compare objects to see WHICH item WEIGHED more!  WE WORKED with a partner to compare items and then WATCH the balance scale tip one WAY or the other to find the item that was the heaviest.  
Important dates / things to note… 
Show and Share:   Letter X!  This is tricky, so the tiger’s show and share can have the letter X anywhere in the word (beginning, middle or end).  It does not have to begin with the letter X.  
May 9:  Stewardship Day with our Buddies!  Please dress your tiger for mess and working outside.  We will be working with our 4th grade buddies on a project outside.  Then we will be walking to the water with the Cardinals for snack and exploring!  Please dress your child in layers appropriate for being in the dirt, forest and water.  Please make sure your child has a complete extra set of clothes, in their cubby, to change into in case they get dirty or wet!!
May 10:  P5A will watch the Villa production of Alice in Wonderland 
May 11:  Mother’s Day gifts!  The tigers have made something special for Mother’s Day.  We will be sending those gifts home with whoever picks your tiger up on May 11th.
May 12:  Grandparents Day & 11:30 dismissal!  Grandparents will be invited into our classroom at 10:30to enjoy different activities with their tiger!  Please remind your child’s guest to sign them out before they leave on this day! 
Please let me know if your child will NOT have someone joining them for this event.  Questions?  Please ask!
May 16:  Edmonds Beach Ranger in house field trip.
May 18:  Last hot lunch of P5!
May 29:  No school
May 31:  Petting Zoo in house field trip
Mark your calendars for these do NOT miss events!  
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races will begin at 9:00am! Set up will begin right at drop off and the races will begin at 9:00am!!  All are encouraged and welcome to attend!  You will be receiving an email in the next few days with details and volunteer sign up for this event!  Stay tuned…
June 7:  End of year celebration.  12:00-1:30  This will be an event that the tigers will share their portfolio of work with you along with other fun surprises!  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More specific details about the event will be coming soon….stay tuned! 
June 9:  Last day of P5.  School ends at 11:30am.
Ms. Boldon

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