YIPPEE for YES day!

Hello tiger families!

“Y” Week was full of YAYS, YIPEES, and YESES! Friday was our favorite day of all! We had “YES” DAY! The tigers were able to choose what they wanted to do, and teachers always answered “YES” to their requests (within reason–of course) ! Some of their requests were recess first thing in the morning, a dance party, free time in EDP, lunch outside and no shoes in the classroom! We voted to have extra outside recess and we played on the preschool hill!This day was a success!  YAY for YES day!!!


We released our butterflies this morning and watched them fly away! It was a rich experience for the tigers to be able to watch the metamorphosis process of the caterpillars turning into butterflies and then release them into nature!


A Coins for a Cause Thank YOU…

On behalf of Abner and his family I wanted to let you know that we raised a grand total of  $1333.37.


This is simply wonderful news and a true tribute to all of you and your children. This project–planting seeds of compassion– was truly a hearfelt one from beginning to end and one that I think will make an impact on the children for years to come.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.


In S.T.R.E.A.M. this week…

In SCIENCE we did a YUMMY & YUCKY taste test.  We tasted honey, salt, sugar, baking soda, pirate booty, powdered sugar and lemon juice.  The food was smashed up, so the tigers did not know what they were tasting.  They then marked on their chart if they thought the food tasted YUMMY  or YUCKY.  At the end, we revealed what the food was!  We heard lots of “YUMS” AND “YUCKS” as they were tasting the mystery foods!

In TECHNOLOGY, the tigers created Days of the week Wheels. They used tools as technology instead of our smart board, this week. The tigers first wrote the days of the week on their wheel and then used a fastener to attach the wheel to their paper. This project was great for the tigers to practice and review their days of the week and write their letters. This literacy project is a great way for them to practice “Today is____, Yesterday was____, Tomorrow will be______”


In RELIGION, we reviewed the life cycle of butterflies and lady bugs and then released them into nature! The tigers took pride in knowing that they raised lady bugs and butterflies and were thrilled to be able to watch them fly away or bathe in pollen from the flowers! In fact, each day the tigers tried to look for their ladybugs and butterflies, while out at recess.


In ENGINEERING, the tigers spent all week creating elaborate creations out of TEGU magnetic blocks.  They worked together to build race cars in preparation of our Zucchini car races that are coming up on June 2.  If their Zucchini cars are anything like the models they build this week with TEGU blocks, we are in for some really fast cars!  :)   

In ART, we created pictures using YARN. The tigers had many different types of YARN and designed their own masterpieces using glue and YARN! They were very creative and measured how long their pieces had to be and then cut the YARN to match the size they needed to complete their project.

In MATH, we measured using YARD sticks! The tigers had to figure out how many unifex cubes and lincoln logs it took to equal one YARD stick. A YARD is 36 inches which is the same as 3 (12 inch) rulers.


There are many events and important dates to remember from now until the end of the year, listed below. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Important Dates / Things to note….


NO Show and Share: We are taking a break from letter of the week and we will be catching up with projects, starting new ones and reviewing what we have learned this year!


End of Year Assessments: I will be doing one on one assessments with each tiger this week! These assessments will be part of you child’s end of year report card. Please let me know if your child plans to be gone this week, so I can make arrangements. Thank you!


Zucchini Car Kits & instructions: They will go home with your child this week so you have time to design and make plans for your Zucchini Car! Questions? Please ask!


May 29thNo SCHOOL in observance of Memorial Day!


May 31st Petting Zoo in house field trip


June 2nd Zucchini Car Races & End of Year Class Party (9:00-10:15ish). All are encourage and welcome to attend!


June 5th  Father’s Day gifts will be sent home with your child this day


June 7th- Portfolio Share Day! This event will go from 12:00-1:30pm. A flyer will go home next week with details! Please check your child’s take home folder on Tuesday! Please plan for your child to have at least one person attend this event. All are welcome!


June 9th—Last Day of School.  Dismissal is at 11:30.  There will be no lunch or Preschool EDP this day.

Here is our “Grandparents Day photo booth picture!”  :)


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!!


Ms. Boldon

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