TERRIFIC letter “T” party!

Hello Tiger families!
We had a TERRIFIC letter T week!  THANK you to all of the guests who attended our letter “T” party!  The TIGERS worked hard to prepare the decorations, clean the room, set up the TABLE, make center pieces of TINY TERRARIUMS with TINY TIGERS and all of the TREATS!  The weather was beautiful for the TOUR and the TIGERS used their best TABLE manners and TRULY enjoyed the undivided one on one time with their guest!
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week…
Science:  In science this week we looked closely at animals: mouths, ears, eyes, nose and TAILS.  First we used our context clues to figure out what we THOUGHT the animals were  based on the image that we were looking at and then we made a prediction about what the animals use that body part for.  Once we made our predictions, we got to reveal the animals and learn facts!  Many of the facts were new the to the TIGERS.  Ask your tiger if they can remember any of the facts about the animals in the book.
We also made TINY TERRARIUMS, which the TIGERS enjoyed digging in the soil to plant their succulent and then added the TINY TIGER as the finishing TOUCH! These were our center pieces at our “T” party!
Technology:  In TECHNOLOGY this week, we learned about TRASH!  Often TRASH is put into a landfill that stinks and doesn’t decompose.  THANKFULLY in Seattle, the TIGERS already know how to sort their TRASH into recycling, landfill (trash) or clean green (food waste).  We know it’s important to recycle and use clean green as much as we can instead of putting our TRASH into the landfill.
Religion:  In religion this week we continued to talk about the story of Easter.  We started to read a book called “Benjamin’s Box” which tells the story of Jesus and Easter but through a boy named Benjamin’s eyes.  Each day we read a new chapter and then open the Easter Egg that corresponds with the chapter.  The tigers are very curious about this story and they love to listen to the read aloud and then guess what could be inside the next egg.  Ask your child to retell you the story so far….
Engineering:  In engineering this week we started to learn to TIE our shoes!  This is a TRICKY thing to do, but the TIGERS are determined and some of them are almost experts!  We will continue practicing during letter U week!
Art:  In art this week we made our own butterflies for both our ceiling decorations and our TABLE TENT decorations.  The TIGERS used pipets to suck up liquid watercolor and then drop it onto the coffee filters.  At one point this was such a mesmerizing TASK that the room was silent because they were all watching their liquid watercolor spread out onto their coffee filter after each drop!
We also learned the art of setting a TABLE!  It turned out beautifully for the “T” party!
Math:  In math this week we focused on measuring during cooking and baking!  The TIGERS used measuring cups, measuring spoons, quarts and gallons. They learned the difference between dry and wet measuring cups and they also matched the numbers on the recipes with the numbers on the measuring cups/spoons.  We baked and cooked all week so they became experts at measuring and reading measurements by the end of the week!  Bravo!!
Important Dates / things to note…
Show and Share:  Letter U!
April 6:  Hot lunch
April 7:  Seattle Tilth field trip about Arthropods
April 14:  Last day to bring in coins/paper money for Abner!  
April 14:  11:30 dismissal (Good Friday).  No preschool EDP.
April 24:  First day back from Spring break!
Future dates….Mark your calendars:
May 12:  Grandparents Day!  More details coming soon, but this is a special day for any and all grandparents / grandfriends to join your child at school.
May 16:  Edmonds Beach Ranger field trip
May 18:  Last hot lunch of P5!
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races!  Stay tuned for more details…but you do not want to miss this!
June 7:  End of year celebration.  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More information will be coming soon, but you won’t want to miss this last P5 event!
June 9:  Last day of P5.  School ends at 11:30am.
Have a TERRIFIC rest of your weekend!
Ms. Boldon

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