S is for STONE SOUP!

Hello Tiger families!
We had a SUPER letter S week!  Our dramatic play was a SUSHI restaurant, the sensory table was full of water and SUDS (SOAP) and our building center had SHAPE builders and SLIDES for the cars and people
The middle school safety team (SERT) came down to our classroom and taught us about SAFETY this week.  The tigers learned how to comfort a friend who is hurt, how to put on a bandaid and ice pack and the importance of washing our hands.  They were taught a new hand washing SONG that the middle school students made up themselves!  The tigers enjoyed the SERT team being in our classroom!
We read 6 versions of the STORY STONE SOUP and then ended our week by making our own STONE STOUP from SCRATCH!  It was a true labor of love.  The tigers did all of the chopping, dicing, peeling, measuring, stirring and then cleaning up after we had all of the ingredients in the crock pot!
Thank you to Grant’s mom, Robin and Caleb’s grandma, Candy for coming in and helping us make our STONE SOUP.  They were brave to help us cook with fourteen 5 years olds all holding knives and peelers! :)
I have attached a few group pictures of our STONE SOUP chefs below! :)
IMG_3249 IMG_3248
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week…
Science:  This week in science we learned about the four SEASONS and what characteristics a deciduous tree has during each of those SEASONS. Then we walked down to visit our adopted tree, Rainbow Rose.  We then wrote the SEASONS words (fall, winter, spring and fall).  Under each word we drew a SCIENTIFIC SKETCH of what Rainbow Rose looked like during each of those SEASONS.  These SCIENTIFIC SKETCHES will go into their SCIENCE journals.
Technology: In technology this week we used our Smartboard and learned about STORMS.  Often animals are able to detect a STORM is coming long before humans can.  See if your tiger can tell you how these animals SHOW that they SENSE a STORM is coming: frog, sheep, butterflies and birds.  Then we played a concentration game on the SMARTBOARD which had us try to find matches for weather SYMBOLS that meteorologists use when they give the weather report.
Religion:  In religion this week we continued to talk about Lent and how to be more like Jesus in our words and actions.  We took time this week to begin working on a SPECIAL SUNFLOWER project. The tigers were asked “What do you think is SPECIAL about (classmates name)?  or What do you love about (classmates name)?”  Ms. Brown and I wrote down their words and we will be using those for a our SPECIAL SUNFLOWER project that you will get to SEE at the “T” party!
Engineering:  The tigers used interlocking SHAPE blocks to build with.  These were a favorite item this week because they discovered that if they worked together they could use all of the SHAPE blocks in the bucket to build a massive STRUCTURE!
Art:  In art this week we drew SPRING rabbits.  The tigers drew these rabbits following STEP-by-STEP directions.  While the rabbits all have SIMILARITIES they are all very different and have their own personality.  They will be hanging in the hallway soon for you to enjoy!
Math:  In math this week we graphed Lucky Charm cereal.  This was a fun St. Patrick’s Day entry activity and the best part was being able to eat the marshmallows that we graphed when we were done!  This builds on the concept of, more than, less than, equal, and order from least to greatest and vice versa.
The leprechaun visited our classroom and mixed up the letters and numbers on our walls. They moved our tables and they hid baggies with a pot of gold, rainbow crayon and rainbow stickers for each tiger!  There was a lot of excitement on Friday morning once they realized the SNEAKY tricks the leprechauns played!

Guatemalan Lessons this week…

  • We looked at a map of USA and Guatemala (Central America).  We know that we can drive to Guatemala because there isn’t any water between Seattle and Guatemala.  However, it would be quicker to fly.
  • Guatemala is south of Seattle.
  • The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City
  • Guatemala is also known as the “land of trees”
Important Dates / things to note….
Show and Share:  We will not have show and share this week due to it being a 3 day week.  
Toilet paper rolls:  We are still looking for toilet paper or paper towel rolls!  Please bring them in at any time and put them under the sign in table.  Thank you in advance!
Adult show with laces:  We are going to begin learning how to TIE our shoes during the letter T week.  Could you please send ONE  adult shoe with laces, with your child by Wednesday, March 22.  One that we can keep until the end of March.  :)  It is easier to teach children how to tie shoes using adult shoes because they have longer laces to work with.  Long laces are more forgiving when they are learning to pull the loops. Thank you!
March 23 & 24:  Parent Teacher Conferences.  No school and No preschool EDP.  Thank you all for signing up for a conference!
March 31: Letter “T” party!
April 6:  Hot lunch
April 14:  11:30 dismissal (Good Friday).  No preschool EDP.
April 24:  First day back from Spring break!
Future dates….Mark your calendars:
May 12:  Grandparents Day!  More details coming soon, but this is a special day for any and all grandparents / grandfriends to join your child at school.
June 2:  P5 Zucchini car races!  Stay tuned for more details…but you do not want to miss this!
June 7:  End of year celebration.  All and encouraged and welcome to attend!  More information will be coming soon, but you won’t want to miss this last P5 event!
June 9:  Last day of P5.  School ends at 11:30am.
Have a SUPER weekend!
Ms. Boldon


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