ROARING letter R week!

Hello Tiger families!
I hope you are enjoying your long weekend so far!  We had a great four days together during the letter R week.  It was ROARING with excitement and learning!
Our dramatic play had an Italian RESTAURANT set up, the sensory table had ROCKS and REPTILES, building center had RACE tracks with RACE cars.  The listening center was full of books that began with the letter R.
Please be sure to check your child’s take home folder and RSVP to me with who will be attending our letter “T” party!  The TIGERS are excited for this event!  We will be making all of the food, decorations, setting our table and practicing our manners to be great hosts!
This week we spent a majority of our time practicing writing, coloring, drawing, stapling and using tape.  These are all ways for your tiger to strengthen their hand muscles, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and independence!  They have all grown tremendously since the beginning of the year!  They make me so proud every day with how hard they are working!!
Moving on to S.T.R.E.A.M. this week….
Science:  In science this week, we learned about the RAINFOREST and howler monkeys.  Howler monkeys live in the RAINFOREST in Guatemala, where Abner is from.  We then made our own howler monkey with a paper bag, and chain linked arms and legs!  Many of the tigers have seen howler monkeys at the zoo.  The RAINFOREST is home to many plants and animals.  We will continue to learn more about the RAINFOREST layers in the upcoming weeks!
Technology:  In Technology this week we used our Smart Board to learn about ROSA Parks.  The tigers learned that she didn’t think it was fair for people with dark skin to have to move to the back of the bus or stand if a white person wanted to sit down.  She refused to get up from her seat on the bus and was arrested for it.  She started the movement to change the laws for all people to be able to ride buses and be together.  The tigers are very compassionate and they tied it back to what they had previous learned about MLK.  ROSA Parks made changes by standing up for what is right and the tigers recognize how unfair things used to be and how it is important to treat all people with love and kindness.
Religion:  This week in religion we talked more about Lent and how we are working hard to be more like Jesus in our words and actions.  Jesus loves us no matter what and we are trying to also some love and compassion towards each other when we are frustrated, mad, sad, upset, happy, joyful etc.  We also talked more in detail about Abner and how we are showing love and kindness by helping our families to earn money to send to Abner, who is less fortunate than we are.
We have also focused on giving compliments to each other.  Our kindness jar is getting full and the tigers have been making many “kindness reports” through out the day.  It is good for the tigers to compliment and think of others and for the other tigers to hear the kind words their peers have to say about them!
Engineering:  This week in engineering we made two types of ROCKETS. First we made straw ROCKETS and experimented with using long straws, short straws, a lot or a little bit of tape.  The tigers enjoyed figuring out what their ROCKET needed to make it fly farther when they blew into the straw.  Some discovered that by blowing a lot of air into their straw helped it fly far while others only blew a little bit of air to have their ROCKET fly far!
The second type of ROCKET we made was a water bottle ROCKET.  These ROCKETS were a total success.  Each tiger worked independently with very little assistance from Ms. Brown or myself.  It was a good project for them to problem solve and test and retest to see how to best put their rocket together.  The tigers were given all of the items (water bottle, cork, popsicle sticks, tape and paper) and had two rules:  the cork had to be pointing down and it had to have three legs and stand up on it’s own.  Then they took their supplies and figured out how to get their rocket to stand up with their cork pointing down.  At the end of the day, we went outside and blasted each ROCKET off by putting an inch of water into their water bottle and added two alka seltzers.  We had two ROCKETS almost touch the ceiling of the under covered play area!!  This is engineering at it’s finest in P5!
Art:  This week in art we made clay RABBITS that we will use in our Easter grass science project closer to Easter.  Clay is a good way to strengthen their hand muscles which will help with their fine motor skills.  The tigers got a lump of clay and decided what they wanted their RABBITS to look like.  Some are standing up tall while others are laying down. They are all very unique!
Math:  In math this week we made paper chains and practiced counting by 2′s.  We have also been working on subtraction and additon.  The tigers are able to count up from 1 but it’s tricky to count backwards, which is what we are practicing now to strengthen our subtraction skills.
We have also started signing in each morning by writing our numbers 1-10.  I am already seeing so much progress since the beginning of the week!  I would encourage you to help your tiger practice writing their numbers by starting at the top.  Also, numbers, 8, 9 & 0 all curve to the left.  I still see many tigers making their circle shapes in numbers going clockwise.
They tigers have all been practicing making the number 8 by first making an S and then curving back up.  I would like them to practice it this way every time instead of drawing two circles on top of each other!
BRAVO tigers!!

Guatemalan Lessons this week

We learned a more about Abner:

  • has 2 older brothers
  • Abner’s house doesn’t have a stove or oven
  • The bicycle in Abner’s photo on the board is a neighbors that he is borrowing.  The tigers wanted to know how he got that toy :)
  • Abner’s family only has food when his father gets paid.  His father only gets paid when there is work.  Often Abner’s family goes without food for days.
  • We learned about Rainforests in Guatemala and howler monkeys.  We made our own howler monkeys!
Important dates / things to note….
  1. Show and Share:  Letter S.

  2. Stone Soup:  We will be making stone soup from scratch on Friday March 17th. Please bring in your items next week!

  3. March 23 & 24:  Parent Teacher Conferences.  No school or Preschool EDP!  Please sign up for a conference if you haven’t yet.  I am looking forward to meeting with all of you!

  4. March 31:  “T” party!  Please RSVP to me by Friday, March 17th.  Tigers and their guest are asked to wear their “fancy” clothes that day!  It is a special event that the tigers will be working hard to prepare for!

  5. March 16:  Just an FYI!
    I will be attending a professional development meeting in the afternoon.  I will  leave around 12:00, before pick up time, so your tiger will end the day with Ms. Brown and Ms. Hayes.  Your tigers will be in good hands!

  6. Congratulations to Hudson Clark’s family for winning the auction item! Thank you to all of you who bid on my auction item!  I appreciate all of your support! :)

  7. If you plan to be gone between now and Easter, please let me know as soon as you can!  It helps with planning!


  • April 14:  11:30am dismissal for Preschool (Good Friday)  Easter break begins!!
  • April 24: First day back to school after Easter Break!
Enjoy your long weekend!!  See you on Monday!
Ms. Boldon


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